1 The company

1.1 - Blue Sky Airlines is a virtual airline.

1.2 - Blue Sky Airlines operates on a network called "IVAO". All flights are carried out on this network via a flight simulator Flight Simulator, Xplane or P3D (the IVAO software called IVAP must be compatible, this is an indispensable prerequisite).

1.3 - The values ​​of Blue Sky Airlines are respect, mutual aid, good relations with the aeronautical community and courtesy

2 The pilot

2.1 - The candidate must have a valid VID with an active status.

2.1.1 - He must be at least 13 years old at the date of registration with Blue Sky Airlines.

2.1.2 - The candidate who has been previously removed from Blue Sky Airlines may be reinstated with the approval of the Directorate.

2.2 - The pilot undertakes to participate in all the activities offered by Blue Sky Airlines to the extent and constraints of his availabilities.

2.3 – The pilot commits to fly regularly for Blue Sky Airlines.

2.3.1 - It is mandatory to keep an IVAO status "Active".

2.3.2 - It is compulsory to carry out at least two flights within two weeks of registration.

2.4 - At the time of registration, the pilot becomes active in the company.

2.5 - The pilot acquires the status "Absent" as soon as he considers or the member department considers that he can not comply with articles 2.3 and 2.3.1 of this regulation.

2.5.1 - In the event that the pilot himself asks for the "Absent" status, the latter has no time limit. However, in the event that the driver does not request active status within 6 months, his account will be deleted.

2.6 - The member department and / or the Management reserves the right to delete a pilot account when the latter acquires the absent status and does not recover the active status within 30 days.

3 The Staff

3.1 - The staff is recruited by Blue Sky Airlines management according to the needs of the company.

3.2 - The pilot wishing to enter the Staff must be at least 16 years old.

3.3 - The pilot who has entered the Staff must be sufficiently available to carry out his daily tasks and to fulfill the objectives of his department.

3.4 - The members of the Blue Sky Airlines Staff may individually engage Blue Sky Airlines. The Staff speaks on behalf of Blue Sky Airlines.

4 Discord

4.1 - The Discord is a space of conviviality and courtesy dedicated to aviation. All statements and acts that do not respect these principles can be punished (racism, offensive, defamatory, aggressive, homophobic ... etc).

4.2 - The Discord is entirely and solely dedicated to aerial simulation and the world of air. Any offender can be punished (ex: members playing a game totally outside the world of the air).

4.3 - The penalties provided for in Article 5.1 of this Regulation are applicable on our Discord server.

4.4 - Discord recordings are strictly forbidden under penalty of cancellation and / or sanction.

5 Sanctions

5.1 - Any driver who behaves contrary to the values ​​and interests of Blue Sky Airlines on all media of the VA (Mail, Forum, Site, Discord, and Facebook) and the IVAO network, as pilot or controller will be penalized in Function of the following sanction table:

Situation Sanction
Sandbagging on IVAO - First Time Reminder to order
Sandbagging on IVAO - Second time 1 week suspension
Sandbagging on IVAO - Third Time Radiation
nadequate network behavior 2 weeks of suspension
Inadequate Network Behavior - Recidivism Radiation
Advertisement of another VA on the VA's media Reminder to orde
Advertising of another VA on VA supports - Recidivism Radiation
Sending sexual messages on VA or network media Radiation
Insults against another user of the VA or the network Radiation or suspension as the case may be
Conduct of defamatory remarks 2 weeks suspension

5.2 - The application of the above penalties will be strictly applied for written messages with evidence provided by the "whistleblower".

5.3 - The application of the above sanctions will be adapted for voice messages without the "whistleblower" providing evidence.p>

5.4 - The decision-maker may, however, derogate from Articles 5.2 and 5.3 in the case of recidivism and / or serious behavior which will be reported to them.

6 The Act and We

6.1 - Blue Sky Airlines complies with all laws and in particular that concerning your personal data.

6.1.1 - In accordance with Articles 38 and 40 of Law 2004-801 of 06/08/2004, you have the right to correct, delete personal data. If one of the staff members objects to a change. Contact the Management.

6.2 - We remind you that not all documents made available to you should be used for actual aviation