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Welcome to BlueSky Airlines !

Welcome to Blue Sky Airlines Blue Sky Airlines is a virtual airline operating on the IVAO air simulation network since September 2012. It brings together many activities, such as trainings, events, flying group and more. At Blue Sky Airlines, it is as good to fly in VFR as in IFR, to the needles or the FMC, with a piston engine to Turbojets.

Headquarters, Blue Sky Airlines
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BlueSky BSV 298 LFMN LSZH 01.04 BSV298 -217 A320-214
BlueSky BSV 298 LDSP LSZH 01.25 BSV298 -245 B747-400
BlueSky BSV 298 LSZH LDSP 01.16 BSV298 -386 B747-400
BlueSky BSV 298 LIML LSZH 00.45 BSV298 -515 A320-214
BlueSky BSV 298 LHBP EGSS 02.24 BSV298 -357 A320-214
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